Image courtesy of: unsplash.com
Image courtesy of: unsplash.com

So, you’ve told me that I need to stop staring off into space,
That I need to remove my head from the clouds and ground myself.
You’re telling me that daydreamers, are wasting their time,
That they’re wasting perfectly productive time accomplishing nothing.

I shall tell you friend, I am perfectly comfortable in my lofty heights, ungrounded from the earth.
It’s not just my head in the clouds, I’m living in them!
So you think I’m delusional?
*Finger snap*
Well, let me get down off my unicorn,
grab my lucky rabbit’s foot (not a euphemism by the way),
and lead you to the end of the rainbow.
There, you shall find a leprechaun,
who shall join me and my massive amount of charisma,
in telling you just how wrong you are.

You’re telling me that people who are lost in thought don’t accomplish anything?
I beg to differ.
Were great ideas not formed within the minds of the creative?
Within the minds of the dreamers, or the thoughtful?
Those who sat in a coffee shop, or next to a bus window,
Contemplatively gazing,
Trying to catch the spark of inspiration in the falling rain?

The greatest of historical ideas,
were sown from the fabric of ingenuity,
plucked from creative obscurity,
nurtured with imagination
and fueled with passionate oddity.

I’ve realised that imagination is becoming increasingly rare.
Our world doesn’t value deep thought or imagination anymore.
It only follows where it’s pointed.
You may ask why I think this.

I’ve seen the writing on the walls,
of hundreds of identical houses,
seen the signs
stories high and screaming scantily clad ads.
I’ve read between the colouring book lines,
Where thinking outside the box doesn’t exist anymore.

Imagination is becoming increasingly rare.
We live in a world where intellect is property,
Controlled by businesses’ thought monopoly.
We live in a world, where people are willing to sacrifice their individuality because it’s trendy.
With the concept of books
dying and becoming nothing more than a whisper
within Wikipedia’s archives.
Even television isn’t safe,
because the smart scripts need more explosions,
and shark week needs more Spielberg.
I’d say it was nothing,
I’d shake it off as Taylor Swift suggested,
But I can’t feel at ease when the most common means of expression are limited to 140 characters.

Hashtag, imagination getting really damn hard to find!
And this concerns me.
I fear a world plunging into a dull gray spiral.
You want to know what the daydreamers do?
They imagine.
And they advance the world.

I would like to acknowledge some of the greatest imaginations history has offered:
Socrates, who died because of his philosophies; and hemlock poison.
John Lennon, who Imagined the future as a better place.
Dr Seuss, who gave kids the gift of creativity.
Theoretical Physicists, whose work only exists with theory.
Bill O’Reilly, who has been imagining facts ever since Sting did it live
Van Gogh and DaVinci, whose genius brought us art and taught us what abstract was.
And L Ron Hubbard, the creator of scientology because…. Well, he gave it an effort.
You tell me that I need to remove myself from the sky and ground myself?
Just remember that the theories of gravity,
Was a fruit plucked from the mind of a guy
Who contemplated invisible forces while sitting in an apple orchard.

So when you feel the need to tell me how useless daydreaming is,
And think about the gravity of what I’ve just said!

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