The High Cost of Living

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The world is full of chaos,
It’s full of roads and paths I walk down every day,
Without ever really thinking about where I’m going.
I realised the other day, that I don’t spend a lot of time thinking…

Because I bear an armor of willful ignorance to shield myself from hard truths and uncomfortable facts,
I am living in my own world
where ungracefully flinching away from reality
is as instinctual as breathing.
I keep walking through life,
looking but never seeing.
I wear a blindfold, because I don’t want to see anymore.
There’s a plague of flaws in the world,
and I’ve been programmed to overlook them this way.
Sometimes I can see them…
the flaws,
They’re creeping into the edges of my vision
like a sense of unease.
So I stop, and I drug myself
with the delusion
that all’s right with the world.

When the world news, is stomping on activist’s throats
and bullshit laws are quietly stealing OUR right to speech
and of those
who might dare,
to reveal the flaws woven so close to home…

Scars being carved in the face of the earth,
and oil spilling like blood from an open wound,
a deafening silence that surrounds native women
disappearing from the streets
and the homeless man who’s lying in them.
Stigmas drowning conversation in the dark!
Depressed youths
Wondering whether or not they should exist this way,

The families
that shy away from the food banks they need
because in their neighbours eyes they see disapproval,
The gay teen,
who can’t dare step out of his closest
for he fears the wrath of god.
The girl who’s been taught by the patriarchy
that her body is an object to be subject to scrutiny,
and a commodity to be regulated,
Every person that has ever had to ask themselves,
“what am I?”

I’m not asking for your apathy I’m asking for your speech!
Because silence is deadly,
silence is painful,
In the silence there is corruption,
In the silence there is death.

In the silence she’s staring down the barrel of her gun,
Wondering if she should pull the trigger.
In the silence he’s cowering against the night
while an officer points one at his head.
In the silence
hunger kills millions of people round the world each year,
But have I ever stopped to consider this?
Not really, but after all, just shhhhhhhhh.

Call me a cynic if you must, but
We are living in a world of hard truths and uncomfortable facts,
A world of unrelenting reality,
Where there will always be pieces of the puzzle that haven’t fit yet,
Where there will always be imperfections, creeping in.
I don’t want to let them go by in silence.
I’ve also been told, that nothing in life is free,
So maybe by acknowledging that there are imperfections,
I am paying the high cost of living.
So what is it that I can do?
Not much so I’m told.
But then I stopped to consider that change
Is made by people
Loud people, outspoken people,
people who gave a voice to those who didn’t have one,
people who showed the world their own voice,
and stood up.
Maybe by acknowledging that there are things in the world that I can change,
I am paying the high cost of living, and maybe
I can make them a little better.

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