Double Rainbow from the Edge of a Rooftop

Double Rainbow

Towards the end of the summer a week or two ago, I was sitting at home, waiting for a storm to blow over. About an hour into the pouring rain, it stopped. And in that time, I saw the sun burst through a wall of clouds, and my neighbours out on the street, gazing about the sky with unmistakable awe.

Curious as to what could have drawn out so much attention, I walked outside to find a rare double rainbow, stretching as far as the eye could see. Mesmerized by such a magnificent sight, I dashed back into the house to grab my camera. To some relatively strange looks from the others, I clambered up to the best angle I could find: my rooftop.

From the edge of my somewhat precarious perch I took countless photos, each trying to capture the true scope and impressiveness of the moment, before it dissipated back into the storm.

Who said interesting sights are never found at home? -MC

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