They say that absolute power
corrupts absolutely,
that money is the root
of all evil.
How long will the powerful
capitalise on the corruption
of our lives?
How many conflicts of interest
will be put above the common interest?
How long will the masses be
left out
in the cold
in the barren landscape of uncertainty,
on the shores of rich lands
seeking refuge?
How long will the Hill-lords and
empty suits sacrifice their peoples’ standing
for the sake of greater wealth?

They’ll stand at a podium and tell you,
tell millions
to swallow austere cuts
like the pills we can’t afford.

They’ll cut welfare for the poorest
but cut cheques for corporations
cutting holes in the ground
to make it bleed black gold
for the avarice green
of the orange, red, and blue politicians…
the whole spectrum turning grey.

They cut food stamps for the hungry,
but drop bombs after bombs over-
seas rising like a hurricane
absorbing shores, Irma, Harvey, and Katrina
choking islands, cutting power
stealing orange-ridden thunder,
toss a paper towel on that
and try to mop it up motherfuckers!

Throw some band-aids on these wounded cities
instead of giving us solutions!
Plastic surgery over scars of tragedy
band-aids over spending cuts
and exploitation, handed down by
private interests.
Keep going, carve up our borders,
public spending, wages, education,
take the band-aids while you can
because it turns out getting gouged
by corporations is a pre-existing condition!

This is what corruption looks like,
profiteering off the dead;
selling blue skies off to hellfire
and manufactured consent,
weaponised biases raining down
on invisible numbers,
voices diminished into silence
by the imperial decree for ‘justice’,
and those who make profit
from the expulsion of bullets
into sovereign soil.

They’ll stand and tell you
to swallow austere cuts,
like the pills we can’t afford;
insuring only deficits
for the health of wider society.

But that’s alright, it’s okay,
because I suppose
the meek shall inherit the earth
after corporate interests and the greedy
have stolen everything from them.

We need only remember
that empathy is the biggest threat
to those in power,
and apathy is the kindling
of tyrants.


NaPoWriMo day 5! Sometimes poetry mixes best with politics. In-fact part of me wants to adopt the title of ‘poetician’. Feel free to leave any thoughts down below, and remember to check back for updates coming soon! Happy writing! -MC

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