The Merry Dreams of Leisure

abstract art

The Merry Dreams of Leisure

Leisure, that merry old reminder
of who we used to be.
A reminder lost, or often found
gallivanting with the time we never have;
the remnants of our past selves,
who sought fulfilment, rather than a legacy,
who sought laugher, instead of greed,
who sought sleep, rather than exhaustion.

Leisure is escaping us now.

Drowning in the debts of shattered trinkets,
we flee back into the remnants
or our stolen dreams,
toil back into the need for miserable commodity.
We suffer from this wage war
on breath and relaxation;
we defy the sin of sloth,
as our livelihoods turn isolated.

Guard them, the merry dreams
of our decaying leisure.


Writing poetry is ironically enough one of the bastions of my leisure, and hopefully yours too. If only I had more time in the day for it! But either way, happy writing for NaPoWriMo day 7! We’re a week in folks! Remember to check back tomorrow and hit that follow button for updates on new content! -MC

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